Presentations & Courses

I’m an experienced and regular speaker at (inter)national conferences and have given many courses on ICT, Web Services, Healthcare. I’m an enthusiastic amateur theatre player as well. Having been on stage in several productions has certainly added to my presentation skills. Love to share my experience.

All presentations and courses can be given in English, Nederlands, Deutsch. Times are indicative, and do not include breaks et cetera. Individual modules can be combined to half- or full-day courses. Tailor-made modules for areas within my expertise are possible. For options and pricing, contact me.

General ICT Issues

Luister niet naar de gebruiker (30 min.)

Een prikkelende presentatie die een aantal vooropgezette ideeën over automatiseren onderuit haalt. Pleidooi voor innovatief denken en vernieuwing. Zie ook mijn column in Computable.

(“Don’t Listen to the End User” – plea for innovative thought in ICT – to be translated.)

XML, Web Services and Messaging

Unicode (30 min.)

Unicode, the international standard for character encoding is rapidly replacing ascii and iso-latin as the representation of choice on the Internet.An overview of what is is and how it works.

XML – Shortcomings and Strengths (45 min.)

An overview of XML. A critique of where it is heavy and cumbersome, as well as an exposé of it’s many strengths. See my article from <!ELEMENT (in Dutch).

Reliable Messaging (45 min.)

An introduction to the reliable messaging and related architectural issues. The problems arising from unreliable transports such as HTTP. A short introduction into WS-ReliableMessaging and it’s complexities. Use of Business Level acks for reliability as an alternative. See also my InfoQ article.

Versioning (45 min.)

Versioning and messaging between organizations is a very complex subject. How do we handle all possible older and newer versions of messages from partners? An overview of the subject. Various possible solutions.

Versioning Theory (60 min.)

An in-depth expose of versioning complexities. For those who want to acquire a very in-depth understanding of the issue. See also my presentation at Balisage

Identity, Authentication, Signing

Identiteit in de ICT (60 min.)

Identity in ICT. An overview of what identity is from a philosophical viewpoint. Identification and identifiers in ICT. And authententication (proving your identity). Connecting Wittgenstein with ICT!

Authentication and Signatures – overview (45 min.)

Problem description of authentication. Authentication solutions using smartcards. Challenges in real-world ICT environments.

Tokenauthenticatie & XML Signature in detail (60 min.)

Use of tokens for authentication in Healthcare. Digital signing with smartcards, PKI, SHA and RSA, in-depth yet comprehensible overview of how these techniques work.