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To ZIB or not to ZIB

De Nederlandse zorginformatie beweegt hard richting ZorgInformatieBouwstenen: de ZIBS. Het idee is eenvoudig: alle zorginformatie die voor hergebruik in aanmerking komt, wordt eenmalig op eenduidige wijze vastgelegd bij de bron, met dezelfde ZIBS. Zo hoeft alles maar een keer ingevoerd … Continue reading

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XML Amsterdam 2013

Spoke yesterday at XML Amsterdam 2013 on ART DECOR, an open source framework for medical metadata. Slides available.

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Semantics and behavior

Larry Masinter believes there is a risk in making ‘the “meaning” of [a] language depend on operational behavior‘. In discussions like this there should be a sharp distinction between natural and computer languages. Larry says meaning ‘depends on what the … Continue reading

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Axioms of Versioning

Obsolete, please see the latest version Version 1 An attempt to define syntactical and semantical compatiblity of versions in a formal way. Much derives from the writings of David Orchard, especially the parts on syntactical forward and backward compatibility (though … Continue reading

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The #referent Convention

Update: I learned from the TAG list that Dan Connolly already proposed using #it or #this for the same purpose, and  Tim Berners-Lee proposed using #i to refer to oneself in a similar way. My idea therefore was not very … Continue reading

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Validation Considered Essential

I just ran into a disaster scenario which Mark Baker recently described as the way things should be: a new message exchange without schema validation. He writes: “If the message can be understood, then it should be processed” and in … Continue reading

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The trouble with PSI’s

Published Subject Identifiers face a couple of serious problems, as do all URI-based identifier schemes. A recent post of Lars Marius Garshol reminded me of the – pardon the pun – subject. I was pretty occupied with PSI’s some time … Continue reading

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Validate for Machines, not Humans

Mark Baker misses an important distinction in “Validation Considered Harmful” when he writes: “Today’s sacred cow is document validation, such as is performed by technologies such as DTDs, and more recently XML Schema and RelaxNG. Surprisingly though, we’re not picking … Continue reading

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The Semantics of Addresses

There has been a lot of discussion over the past 10-something years on URI’s: are they names or addresses? However, there does not appear to have been a lot of investigation into the semantics of addresses. This is important, since … Continue reading

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Do we have to know we know to know?

John Cowan wrote ‘Knowing knowledge‘ a while ago, about what it means to know something. His definition (derived from Nozick) is: ‘The following four rules explain what it is to know something. X knows the proposition p if and only … Continue reading

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